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The ONLY telemedicine product on the market that combines video appointments with integrated scheduling to your existing calendar

Simple. Secure. Smart

Easy to Use

Click and go! No complicated sign ups or downloads, ensuring a simple to use system.

Enhanced Security

Secure Hash Algorithm 256 bit encryption with RSA guarantees secure data transmission through Qualsys A rated servers.

Responsive Design

Our software functions flawlessly on desktops, laptops, smart phones and tablets in 3 different web browsers (Firefox, Chrome and Safari).

Web-based Telemedicine Platform

From your desktop, laptop, tablet & smartphone

Trusted by clinicians worldwide

Loved by their patients

“I thought it would be difficult as a first-time user of telemedicine but I learned everything I needed to conduct video appointments with my patients in less than 5 minutes. I would recommend FaceMyDoc.com to any provider looking to expand their practice.”

Ted Hernitche, Therapist, LCSW

“I was unsure who to choose when I decided to add telemedicine to my practice. After speaking with the team at FaceMyDoc.com it was clear that their understanding of my needs and their technological capabilities were by far the best.”

– Dr. Josh Danial, Primary Care Physician

“I switched over to FaceMyDoc as I was frustrated with my last 2 telemedicine providers- they kept crashing and the customer support was terrible.  FaceMyDoc had me set-up in 5 minutes and I had my first two successful sessions this week. The clients loved it!”

– Dr. Richard Girard-Domena, LCSW

“FaceMyDoc.com allows me to connect over both WiFi and data from any of my devices or computers. It is so easy to use and the video quality is absolutely amazing! Not to mention their customer service was above and beyond my expectations.”

– Dr. Len Odell, Clinical Psychiatrist

Cutting-Edge Video Visits + Integrated Scheduling

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